Kuro Obi Martial Arts
96 Crystal St • Petersham • NSW 2049• Australia
(around the corner on Brighton St)
Phone (02) 9560 2112 • Mobile 0414 777 251
Kuro Obi Martial Arts
96 Crystal St • Petersham • NSW 2049
(around the corner on Brighton St)
P: (02) 9560 2112  •  M: 0414 777 251
96 Crystal St • Petersham • NSW 2049
(around the corner on Brighton St)
P: (02) 9560 2112  •  M: 0414 777 251
96 Crystal St • Petersham • NSW 2049
(around the corner on Brighton St)
P: (02) 9560 2112  •  M: 0414 777 251

Shihan Shaharin Yussof

Sensei Shah

Shihan Shah got his first taste of Kyokushin at the age of 14 while he was living in Iran, where his father was posted as a diplomat. The family later moved to Singapore, where he again started training Kyokushin under Shihan Peter Chong. In 1991, at the age of 31, he started yet again, for the third time, under the then Sensei Doug Turnbull, and finally got his black belt almost 25 years after he first started, and he has been training in Kyokushin karate continuously ever since. He started teaching Kyokushin karate in 1995, when he started teaching at Newtown North Public School while still a brown belt. He is now the chief instructor for Kuro Obi Martial Arts, and personally teaches most of the classes.

He currently has a 5th dan black belt, which he received in September 2015 from Hanshi Steve Arneil, under the auspices of the International Federation of Karate.


Included among Shihan Shah's achievements and qualifications are:

    • 4th place 1993 NSW AKKA Full Contact Championships
    • 2001 Attending the First Ever IFK Black Belt Camp in Switzerland
    • 2004 Attending the 2nd IFK Black Belt Camp in Switzerland
    • 2006 Coach and judge at the 1st IFK World Junior Championships in Switzerland
    • 2011 Judge and Referee at the 3rd IFK World Junior Championships in the UK
    • 2014 Judged at the IFK Kata World Tournament in Belgium and received IFK International Kata Judging certification
    • 2016 Attending the 3rd IFK Black Belt Camp in Holland
    • Accredited IFK Clicker Referee and Full Contact Judge
    • IFKKA Contact, Clicker, and kata referee and judge
    • IFKKA Secretary 1999 - present
    • IFKKA President 2017 - present
    • IFKKA Tournament Coordinator for more than 10 years
    • Australian Country Representative for the IFK (2004-2015, 2017-present)
    • Level A International Referee for the World Martial Arts Championships.
    • International Tournament Director for World Martial Arts Championships.

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Shaharin Yussof

In his non-karate life, Shaharin Yussof is the oldest of 6 children, with a Malay father and a Swiss mother. Due to his father's profession as a diplomat, he has lived in 14 countries, and speaks 6 languages more or less comprehensibly. He has a Bachelors and a Masters (by research) degree in Electrical Engineering. He started teaching Kyokushin in 1995, and before starting as a full time instructor in 2011, he was a Professional Officer and IT support person at UNSW for 20 years.

He has two adult children, the older of which is Senpai Alexander, who got his Kyokushin black belt at the age of 17. (The picture on the home page is of him breaking his compulsory three boards at the grading). Senpai Alexander is currently taking a sabbatical from karate due to other life interests.

Shaharin Yussof's other interests include woodworking, growing carnivorous plants and orchids, natural history photography, and caving. He has written a book called The Natural and other Histories of Batu Caves(ISBN 983 9681 04 4), and limited copies of this are available from him at the dojo.