Kuro Obi Newsletter - Dec 2016


Kuro Obi Newsletter - December 2016


We had a good grading this month - here are all the juniors who graded, including a couple of extras from Dulwich Hill Dojo.

Holiday Schedule

Newtown classes

Last Day : Fri 16th Dec 2016

First Day : Wed 1st Feb 2017

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Last Day : Wed 21st Dec 2016

First Day : Tue 3rd Jan 2017

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Dec 11 Grading 

A total of 22 people grading, and most of them for their red belt. If they train hard and regularly, they COULD be a yellow belt by this time next year!

Results and report cards will be on the board at the dojo, and I'll bring the results sheet to the last Newtown class too.

Dojo party - of sorts

Thu 15th Dec

The adult class this Thursday 15th has been has been cancelled, so that we can have a little end of year celebration. I will be going down to Goni's Schnitzelria in Marrickville (Click here for map) for a schnitzel. You are all cordially invited to come along.

The cost for the schnitzels or the South American dishes ranges between $20-$30, and it really enough for almost 4 people. I take most of mine home and eat for 3 days. And there's a bar there if you're interested.

I'm not reserving any seats, so I don't know what seating availability will be like.

The reason that I'm doing this on Thursday, and not the more logical Friday, is because it's exactly 20 years to the day since my black belt grading. Check my certificate in the dojo!

That should be the end of the news for the year - I hope to see you all again in the New Year, ready to start training again!


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