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March - April 2017


newsletter 2017.03.26Some of the action at the Mark Mitchell Seminar

School Holiday Schedule


The last class will be on Friday 7th of April. 

The first class after the holidays is Wed 26th April. This is the FIRST day back to school! Don't forget your karate dogi.

As usual, Newtown students who would like to train during the holidays are welcome to come to Petersham dojo Mon,Tue,Thu, and Fri. Details of how to get there are at 


Petersham class will go on throughout the school holidays, except Good Friday (14th April). There WILL be classes on Easter Monday (17th April) and ANZAC Day (25th April)

Mark Mitchell 
Kyokushin Fighting Fitness Seminar

26th March

This was once again well enjoyed by all who attended, with 19 attendees at Kuro Obi Dojo. A short video and a few photos of the event were posted on IFKKA Facebook page.

The next one will be on the 7th of May and bookings are already available now.

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IFKKA Full Contact Tournament

21st May

Not long after the Fighting Fitness Seminar, you can put your training into practice by competing at our first Full Contact event of the year. There are several other's coming up later in the year, but this is OUR first one. Entries are now also available.

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11th and 12th March

We had two gradings in March, on the same weekend - Junior and Senior. The following people attained the corresponding new grades.

1st kyu Simon Allaway
3rd kyu Chris Rosiak
3rd kyu Anais Lowe
7th kyu Monica Wan
9th kyu Luke Criniti
9th kyu Edward Sultanov
9th kyu George Penesis
10th kyu Damien Lammi
10th kyu Christian Lammi
10th kyu Isobel Criniti
10th kyu Venkat Reddy
10th kyu Angus Woodhead

Kempo Ryu Tournament

19th March

I'm pleased to report that 3 IFKKA students did well at the tournament, each of them placing first in at least one division. These were Danny Lai and Caitlin Greig from KKC, and Ari Slamer (Kuro Obi) who got 1st in Adult Full Contact, Their photo featured on the IFKKA Facebook page.


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Upcoming events

This newsletter lists the few events that are coming in the near future. For a better overview of what's ahead, the Upcoming events page on the Kuro Obi website will have the most up-to-date information.

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