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May Newsletter

Alex and EddySome of the action from last year's tournament

IFKKA Full Contact Tournament

21st May 

Our full contact tournament is coming up soon, and it's time for the IFKKA and our dojo to get involved! There are already 19 entries from external Kyokushin groups and we have to show them that we've got something to offer.

A list of entries as of this morning can be downloaded from here

Anyone who fits the categories below is eligible to compete. Let me know ASAP if you're interested. There's work to do...

  • Adults Male and Female - novice, intermediate and advanced.
  • Cadets Male and Female - 16 & 17 years, novice and open.
  • Junior Boys and Girls - 11-15 years minimum grade 8th kyu

I hope to see your name on the list!

Click here to enter Full Contact >>


Sunday 4th June

It's that time again. If you're hoping to grade, you need to show me you're ready for it. We'll be working on grading techniques and requirements, and you have to show me you're ready for it!

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