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April 2018

School holidays!

2018.05.05 MM Seminar

One of the previous Fighting Fitness Seminars


School Holiday Schedule

14th-29th April

Newtown - NO classes during the school holidays, but as usual, Newtown students are encouraged to attend at Petersham


  • 16th - 20th - Classes as normal.
  • Mon 23rd - NO CLASSES
  • Tue 24th - As normal (with Anthony Zamattia)
  • Thu 26th - NO CLASSES
  • Fri 27th - As normal (with Anthony Zamattia)

Fighting Fit Seminar

Saturday 5th May

This is the first of the Fighting Fit seminars with Sensei Mark Mitchell, and is just in time for the upcoming Full Contact tournament.

If you're even thinking about doing the padded contact (see below) you should be be going to this seminar.

Booking is online at trybooking.com/VFAT - early bird fee is $20 if you book before midnight, Wed 2nd. 

This time it will be at Five Dock Dojo at 422 Lyons Road, Five Dock, at 1pm on Saturday. (Map).

Full Contact Tournament

Sunday 24th June

This tournament WAS on the 27th of May, but has been postponed for a month. Part of the reason for this is because we are introducing a new form of sparring called Padded Contact, in which students under 11 can also participate, and we need time to train for that.

Everyone will need mitts, shinpads, and a mouthguard, and the boys will need a groin guard too.

We will provide the chest and headguards - unless you want to get your own. See me about getting the protective equipment.


June Junior Grading

Sunday, June 3rd

Just so that you can put this in your calendar. Note that if you are 9th kyu or higher, and have not been to camp, seminar, or a tournament since your last grading, you will have to be very, very,very good with your grading requirements to qualify to grade, regardless of the hours you may have.

Bear in mind that if you HAVE been been at camp, seminar, or a tournament, you still have to be very good!

April Senior Grading Results

8 April 

I'm pleased to report that the following people graded at this grading


1st kyu Chris Rosiak
3rd  kyu Anthony Zamattia
4th kyu Scott Harris


Don't forget to check out the Interesting links section below. Some of our junior karateka have been busy making up a kata, and it's now on Youtube. If you're interested in a copy of the steps so you can do it yourself, you can download it from the Kuro Obi website.


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Upcoming events

This newsletter lists the few events that are coming in the near future. For a better overview of what's ahead, the Upcoming events page on the Kuro Obi website will have the most up-to-date information.

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