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Kuro Obi Newsletter 
June 2018

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Junior Grading candidates for 6th June 2018


Contact tournament

24th June

As you probably know, we have a contact tournament coming up VERY SOON. All the necessary details are on the IFK Australia newsletter, which you can read online on the IFK Australia website. 

The juniors have been practicing their padded contact sparring, and you can see an example of this at the Kuro Obi Dojo instagram. You don't need an Instagram account to see it. 

There's something there for everyone, and we've been working towards competing at this event, so make sure you sign up for it.

Sign up here >>

June Junior Grading

Sunday, June 3rd

The grading was quite a big one, compared to recent ones, and here are all the results!

6th kyu Daniel Zvi
6th kyu Guy Zvi
6th kyu Chloe Woodhead
8th kyu William Wheeler
8th kyu Venkat Reddy
8th kyu Angus Woodhead
8th kyu Joon Denholm
8th kyu Harry Marks
8th kyu Luke Criniti
9th kyu Ruby Brannigan-Stuart
9th kyu Oliver Lista
10th kyu Jimmy McCartney
10th kyu Percy Michell
10th kyu Lennox Kozak
10th kyu Nick Criniti
10th kyu Livoi Wendo
10th kyu Vanessa Li
10th kyu Justin Tran

Protective Equipment

Mitts, shin-insteps, groin guards, and mouthguards.

For the tournament in particular, and in class in general, everyone should have protective equipment. These can be obtained from me but you have to let me know in advance because it takes a couple of days to obtain them if I don't have them in stock.

Stock clearance

I also have a limited number of sport bags to carry all your equipment, and winter hoodies (sizes 12, M, and XL) and IFKKA hats available for sale.

The hoodies in particular are just right for the winter now, and I'll throw in a Newtown Kyokushin t-shirt with the hoodies and bags. The hats are $15, and the hoodies and bags are $40 each.


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This newsletter lists the few events that are coming in the near future. For a better overview of what's ahead, the Upcoming events page on the Kuro Obi website will have the most up-to-date information.

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