Kuro Obi Newsletter - September 2018


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Kuro Obi Newsletter 
September 2018


Our Annual Championships are coming!


Interesting links

In this edition's interesting links below, read about inactivity levels in adults in developed countries, fitness myths, dojo etiquette, and videos of the IFK kyu combinations up to 4th kyu.

Holiday Schedule


Last day Friday 29th September. Start again on Wed 18th October

Any Newtown students who are hoping to grade at the Junior Grading (see below) are very strongly advised to come to Petersham for classes, at least once each week, if not twice. Classes are on every week day from 5:45pm except Wednesday.


Classes are on AS NORMAL, including the Monday public holiday.

These holidays, make it BRING A FRIEND  holidays. Bring a friend, or more, to karate to show them what you do for fun! The person who brings the most friends will get a prize.

Keep in mind also that, just like the Newtown students, if you're looking to grade at the next grading, you'll need to keep coming to classes during the holidays! 

15th Annual Tournament
Sparring Spectacular

Sunday 28th of October

A week after the grading, we've got our Annual Tournament. This is going to be a special one and EVERYONE should be in it. We're going to have Points, Clicker, AND Padded contact.

This one will be in a special venue - Petersham Town Hall - just up the road from the Petersham Dojo and everyone should get in on this one to make it the best tournament of the year!

Keep an eye out for more details in the IFK Australia Newsletter coming up.

Junior Grading 

Saturday October 20th

Due to the fact that I was away close to the usual date, the grading was postponed, and this was the best date possible. The grading will start at 10am, and will be finished by 1pm. I'll be letting you know soon whether or not you're eligible and ready to grade. Keep showing me your best karate in class!

Senior Grading

New date - Sunday, November 18th

Just another heads-up to those of you interested in doing the senior grading. Online entry is now available. Make sure you're working on your stamina, pushups, situps, and your techniques - and KNOW the names!

Register here for grading >>


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