Kuro Obi Martial Arts
96 Crystal St • Petersham • NSW 2049• Australia
(around the corner on Brighton St)
Phone (02) 9560 2112 • Mobile 0414 777 251
Kuro Obi Martial Arts
96 Crystal St • Petersham • NSW 2049
(around the corner on Brighton St)
P: (02) 9560 2112  •  M: 0414 777 251
96 Crystal St • Petersham • NSW 2049
(around the corner on Brighton St)
P: (02) 9560 2112  •  M: 0414 777 251
96 Crystal St • Petersham • NSW 2049
(around the corner on Brighton St)
P: (02) 9560 2112  •  M: 0414 777 251
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Kuro Obi Martial Arts in Petersham is offering full day camps/seminars this summer to primary school aged children aged 8 to 12 years old. In order to optimise the attention each child can get, there will be only 10 spaces available each day.

Thu-Fri    20-21 Dec 2018
Mon-Wed    7-9 Jan 2019
Mon-Wed    14-16 Jan 2019

9:30 am – 3:30pm


In these camps, the children will be introduced to the basic concepts of martial arts, and Kyokushin karate in particular, with insights into their history and development. They will also be given the opportunity to learn some of the simpler techniques of Kyokushin karate, and a chance to practice them in a safe manner. These would include punching, kicking, and blocking, and basic self-defense. Coupled with this would of course also be discussion and debate regarding the proper use of this knowledge. 

Naturally, they won't be able to train karate for the entire time, so there will be entertainment for them in the form of games, crafts, and videos - most of which will be martial arts themed.

No previous martial arts experience is necessary, but if your child DOES have previous experience, he or she is still more than welcome, and can serve as a role model for the more inexperienced. In this way they can also learn about and practice the senpai-kohai concept that infuses Japanese culture and is still very relevant to the martial arts.

All adults involved will have have current Working With Children Checks, and there will be at least one person with a current First Aid qualification.

Click here or the image below to download a flier with basic details.



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We cannot cater for all allergies and other conditions. It is therefore important that when registering your child you put all the necessary information in the box provided.


If any medications need to be administered, either the child should be able to do it themself, or comprehensive instructions should be provided, along with the correct medication and permission to administer the medication.


You will also be required to sign a waiver to indemnify the organisers for any allergy related issues that might arise, either due to the actions of other participants, the organisers, or your child/children


In the case of allergies, please also provide your treatment and/or emergency plan. For this reason, we also ask that you provide a packed lunch, to ensure that your child is not given any allergenic food.


Some snacks will be provided, but these will consist mainly of fruit, and other healthful snacks that won't conflict with any reported allergies or dietary constraits.

What to bring

  • Water bottle - drinking water for refilling is available at the venue

  • Clothes suitable for vigorous activities

  • A change of clothes might be useful

  • Packed lunch (see above)