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August 2018 2nd Edition


St Michaels Mount, Cornwall; where you can walk out to the castle at low tide and walk up lots of steps and look at a castle from where the first alarm was raised of the Spanish Armada's approach, and you can walk through a beautiful garden with lots of succulents and other plants.




The view from Tintagel Castle, where King Arthur was supposed to have been born. He wasn't (look it up) - but the area has been inhabited since about 500 AD. I took 32,000 steps that day, according to my phone's pedometer.

Kata Tournament

26th August

Just because I'm not in Australia, doesn't mean I can't hassle you!

Have you signed up yet? We have to make sure that the Five Dock teams have plenty of competition!

I hope you're all practicing? We've already started before I left, but there's a lot more work to do! Keep practicing! Make sure you practice all the kata you need to know, both as individuals and teams.

Check out the Interesting links section below for a some great team kata demonstrations!

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