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Kuro Obi Newsletter 
November 2018

End of Year Party



Annual Membership

Have you paid your annual membership? They're NOW due, and only $10. if you have not received your invoice, please contact Anthony Zamattia, the treasurer of IFK-Australia Inc, by emailing anthony@ifk-australia.com

Interesting links

In this edition's interesting links below, there are a few links showing Shihan David Pickthall's activities around the world. Shihan David is coming to teach our camp again in January - see details below.

End of Year party

Sat 24th November

Book now!

The party will be at Wills Ground - the home of Canterbury Rugby Union - the same as last year, where everyone had a great time. The food was good, and the kids had a great time just playing.

Come one, come all, bring the family and friends with you.

There will be door prizes and Junior and Senior dojo awards for the Most Improved and Dojo Spirit! 

Prices before 17th December are as below, and $5 more after that.

  • Adults $35
  • 6-12yrs $25
  • Kids under 6 are free

More details Facebook and and you can book on Trybooking

Bookings should be done by the end of this week, so that we can let the venue know how much food to order.

Summer Holiday Schedule


Last day Friday 21st December. Start again on Wed 2nd February

Any Newtown students who are are keen to train during the holidays are encouraged to come to Petersham during the holidays.


Last day Friday 21st December. Start again on Monday 7th January

The holidays are an ideal time to BRING A FRIEND. You'll be spending a lot of time with friends - why not spend it with them in the dojo.

IFK Australia 16th Annual Camp

Fri 18th - Sun 20th January

Book now for Summer Camp!

Shihan David Pickthall, the Vice-President of the IFK, is once again coming to Australia to teach us. This is a great opportunity, as he is one of the modern legends of Kyokushin. He has been going around the world to the different IFK countries and teaching there.

Check out the links below to see how many people turn out to train with him! How well can we do?

The Friday session (8:30am-4:30pm) will be a special children's training session, with a mini-tournament to close it off. Adults will be welcome to train too  - especially those who want to be involved in teaching them. The weekend will be more traditional, but kids can (and have in the past) come for the whole weekend. On Saturday or Sunday, we'll also have an early morning beach training session.

Prices range from $100 on the Friday, to $300 for all three days, but if you book and pay by Monday December 17th and you'll get a 25% discount on those prices. Given that a mere 2 hour seminar with other similar international martial artists usually cost around $80, these prices are an amazing opportunity not to be missed.

The Camp T-shirt MUST be booked by the 17th or we will not have enough time to get them made in time for the camp.

Book now for Summer Camp!

Junior Grading

1st December 2018

Some of you missed out the last Junior Grading. The next Kuro Obi Junior Grading will be on Sat December 1st, starting at 10am. 

More details to come closer to the day.

IFK World Seminar and World Kata Tournament

24th-27th April

The seminar (24th-26th) is open to all IFK students of any grade, and is an opportunity to train with the IFK's international best, and the IFK World Kata Tournament is on the 27th. This will give you the chance to see IFK's best kata from around the world.

Note that this is during the school holidays so those of you still in school won't need to get special permission to go.

More details here on the official website or on Facebook.

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