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Looking for something for your child(ren) to do during the holidays?

Even if your child is already doing karate with me, there will be something for her or him do and learn, and they can be role models for those who don't do karate.

The above list is only a short list of what we'll be doing. Check out the interesting links below for reasons to have them do something during the break!

Despite the stated age limit, children as young as 6 might also find this suitable.

If you're not interested, maybe you have friends and neighbours who might benefit from these opportunities? Please forward this to anyone you think might appreciate it.

Summer Holiday Schedule


The last day is Wednesday 19th December. Friday-only kids should come on Wednesday next week.

We start again on Wednesday 2nd February.

Any Newtown students who are are keen to train during the holidays are encouraged to come to Petersham during the holidays.


Last day is Friday 21st December. We start again on Monday 7th January

The holidays are an ideal time to BRING A FRIEND. You'll be spending a lot of time with friends - why not spend it with them in the dojo. Or tell them about the Karate summer camp above!

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