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Friday 15th March
Petersham classes cancelled!

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We had a great tournament last weeked - all the cool kids were there!


Just letting everyone know that Petersham Friday classes are cancelled THIS week, due to a seminar I'm attending in Blacktown.

On another note, we missed celebrating the dojo's 8th birthday on the first of March - let's try to remember to do something for the 9th.

I've got some new links at the bottom of this newsletter that you might want to check out - they're useful for your grading.


Starting from Monday, April 1st (no, this is not an April Fool's joke) adult classes will be cut to Monday and Thursday only until further notice. Children's classes will all remain as before for now.

Wednesday Fitness circuit will remain for the the time being. Tuesdays and Fridays will become "special class" or "extra class" days", though I haven't yet decided out what they will be. Suggestions are welcome.

Junior Grading

Sunday 24th March

The first Junior Grading of the year will be a Sunday this time because the day before will be the Fundraising BBQ (see below) at Fivedock.

Juniors will start at 10am - and depending on the numbers, seniors may also start at that time too. You've got 2 weeks to make sure you're ready, and I'll be letting you know whether you are!


I've already mentioned in the IFK Australia Newsletter about our fundraising efforts that are underway, to help members get to overseasa and Australia tournaments, as well as bringing visiting instructors to teach us at camps and seminars.

You should also have already seen the fundraising items in the IFK Australia newsletter, I've mentioned them in classes, and I'm just reiterating them here.

Chocolate Easter Eggs

We've got a chocolate fundraising drive active at the moment. Some of you have already taken a box, and other's have yet to do so.

Each box has 20 packets of chocolate Easter eggs (Dairy Milk, Crunchy, and Caramello), and each packet sells for $4 or more (if you can manage it).

Please do your part - you (or your child) could be a beneficiary in the future - and take a box to sell. If you can sell more, we have more!

Election Day BBQ

23rd March 2019

We've been given the opportunity to to run a fundraising BBQ at our favourite polling station - KKC dojo. We need help with staffing at all levels - food prep, sales, marketing etc...

If you are able to spare a couple of hours that day, please let Anthony know ( or 0414 512 361 as soon as possible.

Bottles and Cans

We're also collecting as many bottles and cans for recycling refunds as possible. We're currently arranging for a method to make it easy to ensure that we get the funds, and we'll let you know once it's up and running.

In the meantime, please collect all plastic bottles and drinks cans you can, ensuring not to crush them, and keep the caps.

If you can't store them at home, put them in a rubbish bag and bring them to the dojo.

Other fundraising options

If you know of any other ways we could raise funds, please let us know. This could include possible grants, sponsors, andanything else that we haven't ourselves thought of.

Again, don't forget to check out the links below. Some will be useful for you grading!


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