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April 2019

Grading Results!

2014.03.24 Grading
All the grading candidates BEFORE the grading.



Grading Results

Sunday 24th March

I'm pleased to say that the following people from Kuro Obi dojo have got new grades as of this month!

belt 5   Ned McPhie
belt 7   Joon Denholm 
belt 7 Venkat Reddy 
belt 7 Luke Criniti 
belt 8 Isabel Criniti 
belt 8 Ruby Brannigan-Stuart
belt 8 Juan Pujante
belt 9 Nick Criniti
belt 10 Jamie Scott
Bonus senior grading result
belt 2 Anthony Zamattia
from KKC Dojo


So far, efforts have been going really well! Chocolates have been sold well in both dojo, and the BBQ brought in a bit of money!

But wait - there's more! We've got a couple more things in the pipeline. 

Easter Chocolates Raffle

We have a hamper full of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies etc... just aching to be taken home by someone. Raffles are being sold in both dojo, $2 for one ticket, $5 for 3 tickets. Come and see me about tickets if  you want to be in on it.


(Another) Election Day BBQ

May 11th or 18th 2019

This time it's the BIG ONE! Among the beauties of living in a country with lots of levels of government is that we have lots of elections. While the duty of voting might be a pain, it's also a privilege. And along with that privilege comes to the opportunity for "Democracy sausages".

Once again, we've been given the opportunity to run a BBQ stand on site, and we're hoping that once again everyone will be as helpful and willing to staff it. 

Obviously, until we know which weekend it's going to be, we can't confirm the date.

If you are able to spare a couple of hours on either of those days, please let Anthony know ( or 0414 512 361 as soon as possible.

Other fundraising options

If you know of any other ways we could raise funds, please let us know. This could include possible grants, sponsors, and anything else that we haven't ourselves thought of.

Kata tournament

26th May 

It's kata tournament time again. We're still looking to confirm the venue, but we have a booking form ready for it, and we've been practicing for it.

Register now, so that at least you can confirm your resolve, even while the venue has not yet been confirmed!

Kata registration >>

And now for something completely different.

Art Exhibition

April 11th

My daughter Zhana has been doing some amazing drawings, and has been finalist in a couple of competitions, with a win in one of them.

She's now taking part in the Sydney event of an international exhibition series called Raw Artists IMPACT, and I would like to encourage you to support her by buying a ticket and going to have a look in person. I certainly will be going!

It's part of a bigger exhibition with 38 others, and she could use the support. And I think she's the best one there, but then, I AM most unrepentently biased! But just check out her drawing below? AMIRITE?

Zhana's prize winning beetle drawing

This is a section of her Waverley Art Prize winning hand-drawn beetle

You can check out her other work on Instagram at or her website

NOTE: many of her images are NSFW and the exhibition is rated 18+

Buy a ticket >>

Again, don't forget to check out the links below. 

Facebook Group

We now also have a Kuro Obi dojo Facebook group. For the few uninitiated, this is not the same as the Kuro Obi Facebook Page. This is a closed group just for Kuro Obi dojo members, for information that is just dojo related and doesn't need to be on the main Dojo page.

If you have a Facebook account, and you're not already in the group, please request to join, so that I maybe I'll be able to send out fewer emails to you in the future.


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