Many people say they don't think they're fit enough to do karate, and they'll come back when they're fit enough. Wrong. This is a popular misconception - even a popular excuse! You do karate to GET fit, not because you are fit. Everyone has to start somewhere.


Get fit WHILE you learn karate, not BEFORE you learn karate!

When you start karate, you are not expected to be able to be good at it right away. Virtually everyone will feel uncoordinated and inadequate when they first start. Every karate instructor started the same way - so they know how you feel. It's the same when you do ANYTHING new. With time, and practice, you will improve. This is why it takes a minimum of four and half years to get a black belt!

It takes patience, persistence, and determination, and a lot of sweat.

It is commonly said that a black belt is a white belt who never quit. This is the fundamental principle embodied in the concept of "Osu" (pronounced "Oss") - an expression used in Kyokushin karate and many other styles of karate. In essence, it means "to persevere against all odds". What you learn about yourself and your ability to persevere, both physically and mentally, while training in Kyokushin karate can be translated into anything else you do in life.


Beginners at Kuro Obi Martial Arts, male and female, all train together with the all grades, so that they can see what will be expected of them in the future. Their first grading (gradings are run quarterly) will take place after at least 30 hours of training  

Ideally, you should do two sessions a week - the body and the mind both forget if you only do one. Having said that, if all you can manage is one session a week, then that is still ALWAYS better than nothing. 


How to get started?

See the time table for when classes are on and Contact Shihan Shah, call (0414 777 251) or register online for free trial classes.