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  • Kuro Obi’s a great place for kids and young people to learn the discipline of real karate and it’s taught by amazing instructors. Highly recommend!
  • My son and daughter have been attending karate for several years now. Shihan Shah has been a wonderful teacher. He’s great with kids, they really respect and listen to him. I would highly recommend Shihan Shan and his team to anyone who wants their children to gain confidence, fitness and discipline.
  • Fantastic environment for practising martial arts in the Inner West, the instructors are so dedicated and excellent at adjusting their skills to their audience (I'm referring to the kids classes). I was amazed at the ability of the teacher to communicate to young children the importance of all sorts of important values key to the art of Karate and just as essential for becoming a well-rounded individual. Highly recommend the place for all ages!
  • This is such an inspirational Dojo we can’t thank Shah enough for the passion and dedication he’s giving our kids helping them grow into respectful confident resilient human beings! Osu 🤩
  • Shihan Shah has to the most dedicated teacher I have met. I first enrolled my son into karate at 4 yrs of age and Shihan is sooo accommodating. My son has learnt discipline, respect and concentration and it's all down to his classes. Definitely recommend to all!!