Board Break with elbow

Board Break with elbow


At Kuro Obi Martial Arts our goal is to provide students with the best possible training they can get as martial artists. We do not teach acrobatic moves, with multiple spinning kicks and dramatic flips. While they are very impressive, they have no place in a martial art that is serious about teaching people how to handle themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

We do NOT guarantee that you will become a champion fighter, or invincible in a self-defence situation. Such an assurance would be impossible and such a promise would be unconscionable.

What we do offer is the opportunity for students to be the best you can, if you want to be.

"Be the best that you can, if you want to be!"

Learning martial arts is about improving your faculties - speed, strength, agility, reactions, coordination, and awareness to name just a few. Training in Kyokushin karate does this for you by testing your limitations, and then helping you extend them.

Along with these improvements in your physical and mental abilities, training in karate gives you some tools to work with; how to get the most out of your punch, how to kick harder, where to kick and punch, how to control your attacks and attackers, how to defend, and how to retaliate.

Adult in-class sparring sometimes involves hard contact to the body. This has a purpose. If you have never experienced the pain of being hit or kicked, and never learned how to deal with it and retaliate appropriately, what hope would you have if someone came up in the street and hit you?

Zander jumping

You learn how hard you can punch, how far and high you can kick, how fast you can react, and how long you can keep going. While learning this you also keep increasing them, extending them to your own personal limits.

The actual limits are not as important as KNOWING what these limits are, and this knowledge can ONLY by gained by testing them, again and again. While your physical limits are being tested, your mental limits are too. When your body tells you that you can't keep going, your mind learns to over-ride your body, and you still keep going.

This is what OSU is about - the basic philosophy of Kyokushin - to persevere and keep trying. You'll be surprised at how much your body and mind will change with regular training.