Women training


At Kuro Obi Martial Arts, we'll teach you the basics of self defence, and give you the necessary tools to help defend yourself. Nothing we can teach you will make you invincible, or even invulnerable. NO martial art can promise you that and be telling you the truth.

What we can do is help you be prepared for a situation where self-defence becomes necessary, and with enough practice, the techniques we teach MIGHT help you get out of that situation alive and unharmed.

There is no telling how an actual situation might affect you though. The adrenalin dump you will get when such a thing happens will either turn you into quivering heap, or allow to you fight as hard as you need to to help out of the situation.

Even a 10 day course only in self-defence will do no more than give you an idea of what you could do. In the end, it is the repetition and practice of techniques to ingrain them into muscle memory, awareness of your abilities and limitations, but most of all presence of mind, that will help you out. 


Women's kata practice

Women generally learn physical activities differently to men. They haven't usually grown up learning to shout, or kick, or punch as men do when THEY are growing up.

As a consequence, when starting out in karate, they often feel uncomfortable starting up in the same classes as men, because they don't have the same strength or aggression that men do, and can feel somewhat at a disadvantage when it comes to sparring and strength based exercises, and we try to take this into consideration when a woman starts training in karate.

By the time they're reaching black belt however, they will have learned to generate as much strength, speed, and power, pound for pound, as the men do.




How to get started?

See the time table for when classes are on and Contact Shihan Shah, call (0414 777 251) or register online for free trial classes.