first camp

At the 2014 IFK Australia training camp with Shihan David Pickthall, the VP of the International Federation of Karate, our parent organisation.

Back row : Senpai Alex Vij (retired), Senpai Jack, Chris Rosiak, Shihan David Pickthall, Shihan Shah (still Sensei back then). All the rest of them are no longer training.


Competing at AMAC 2014 as a green belt in the full contact division


Jack at AMAC 2014

And the results of the competition in the above video


1st kyu boards

Doing the seiken (forefist) break (tameshiwari) for his 1st kyu (senior brown belt) grading.



Competing non-contact at 2019 IFK Australia Annual tournament in Petersham Townhall



Refereeing at the IFK Australia 2019 Annual Tournament


skinned knuckles

This is what happens when you put effort into bag work at the Annual IFK Australia Camp.


with Cameron Quinn

At a Seminar with the legendary Shihan Cameron Quinn (2nd from right) and  Anthony Zamattia on the right, 


Jack at the Soeno seminar

After a seminar with Yoshiji Soeno, the founder and head of Shidokan Karate. He was one of Mas Oyama's original and premiere students.

From left to right, back row: Chris Rosiak, Anthony Zamattia, Shihan Shah, Kancho Soeno, Senpai Shigemi, and Jack

Seated left to right, Julian Martinelli and Ned McPhie


with Zen Kyokushin

At the official opening of the first World Zen Kyokushin dojo in Australia, with its founder Soshi Kazuyuki Hasegawa

Left to right: Shihan Shah, Shihan Jim Philips (one of the legends of Australian Kyokushin, Soshi Kazuyuki Hasegawa, Senpai Jack, and Shihan Bill Poly.


shodan grading

Absolutely shattered after his shodan grading, here he is with his grading fights record board, and the other two black belts from his dojo. Senpai Shigemi has her own biography pages.


shodan certificate

Here he is receiving his official shodan certificate from Shihan Shah at the 2020 clicker tournament.